Vintage House Senior Center (707)996-0311
264 First Street East
Sonoma, CA 95476
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Please let us know how you think we can make our bridge game and club better serve our needs.

Results Calendar

Every Monday at 12:00 Noon
Tuesday Student-Novice Lesson 0-300 masterpoint Game 1:00 pm
Every Wednesday at 12:00 Noon
Friday 6:30 when scheduled, see web site.
Partnerships: Barbara Lemme 707-996-0533 [h], 707-694-7164 [c]
Director:Wayne Gordon 707-494-8720, George Gordon 707-319-5860

Bridge Classes with Laura Camm

Club Board of Directors/Officers (class)
President:  John Rothschild (2016)
Vice-President: Dan Harp (2014)
Treasurer: Roger Bohl (2015)
Secretary: Renate Bialy (2014)
Hospitality Manager: Renate Bialy (2014)
Partnerships: Barbara Lemme (2015)
Joanne Wegsten (2015)
  Joe Freeman (2014)
Jay Gardner, Past President (2016)
Lilyan Frank (2016)

Member at Large and Education: ___________
Library Manager: Don Powell
Past President:Tom Sheahan
Special events: Suzie Davis
Club Manager/Director: Wayne Gordon, Director: George Gordon

Sonoma, California
(Sonoma Valley)

Vintage Duplicate Bridge Club

Last update: 11/11/2013